Karachi at a Glance

Karachi Civic Innovation Lab (KCIL) is pursuing extensive research to build the city’s first civic data repository. As we collect and defragment data to gain insights through government reports, UN fact sheets, and academic research, we are launching KCIL’s Infographic Series. The series aims to define in numbers, the different aspects of the City of Lights that can help citizens and innovators to know about their city.

Karachi at a Glance: Fact Sheet kicks off the series to give an insight about the basic demographics of Karachi pertaining to health, education, housing, population, and poverty. The numbers have been extracted from official government documents and research reports, mostly updated till the year 2015. While the population count is a projection number and as we await the result of the recent census, we believe we will be able to compare the numbers defining the transformation Karachi has gone through in the last two decades.

If you are a researcher or a common citizen who find these numbers surprising or someone who can provide us with better insights and recently updated data, let’s start a conversation at asra.rizwan@pif.org.pk