Civic Innovation Talk: Transforming Cities Through Humanitarian Technology

Date: 9th February, Friday
Time: 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Speaker: Sarang Shaikh, Global Chair IEEEmadC
Venue: The Nest I/O, 3rd Floor, CitiView Building, Naheed Supermarket، Shaheed-e-Millat Rd، Karachi

Sarang Shaikh has a Telecommunications Engineering Degree and entrepreneurial mindset. He is developing expertise and specialization in ICT Program Management, Social Entrepreneurship, and Business Development. Currently, he is writing his MBA Thesis in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Moreover, he works for a US-based start-up called Culture Cloud as a business analyst to develop cultural diversity and global citizenship. In 2017, he was selected among 12 young professionals all over the world by IEEE CEO and President to join the global board of advisory and participate in roadmap session at a board retreat in Hawaii, USA. He is an advisory committee member to IEEE CIO and Mobile & IT Team to develop mobile applications and solutions. He is a co-founder of IEEE SIGHT Karachi Chapter where he along with his team have successfully implemented many projects ranging from establishing a Telemedicine health unit in rural area of Thar, Pakistan, installing a solar rural off-grid electrification network at rural village in Umerkot, preparing cheap and affordable Water Geyser/ Cooler for low income population to carrying Green energy exhibitions and teacher’s STEM training workshops etc.

With IEEE, he is Global Chair for IEEEmadC and has served in various positions ranging from being a member of MGA Training Committee, Public Visibility Committee, IEEE Infrastructure ad-hoc Committee, R10 Humanitarian Activities Committee and Senior Assistant Editor for IEEE IMPACT Young Professionals Publication. In 2017, he was awarded MGA Innovation Award for chairing the IEEEmadC. He is associated with IEEE Karachi Section in Pakistan as an executive committee member for past 8 years. A student of life interested in Philosophy, Sarang is a strong believer of “Stoicism” and has published a book titled “Inspire your Motivations” available worldwide.

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