Community Innovators Program: Innovation Techniques & Mindsets for Civic Activists


Workshop Facilitator: Dr. Athar Osama, Member S&T and ICT – Planning Commission & Founder Pakistan Innovation Foundation
Date & Time: 13th January 2018, Saturday – 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Venue: Play Ground, Habib University, Karachi

Karachi Civic Innovation Lab (KCIL)’s Community Innovators’ Program is a series of capacity building workshops for KYI Partners, NGOs, Activists and Civic Organizations working in Karachi.

In today’s world of fast paced change and complexity, Innovation is synonymous with progress. Countries, and cities, that conciously cultivate a culture of innovation lead the rest in socio-economic development and prosperity. Yet, how to develop an innovative culture remains somewhat of an enigma.
More than anything, Innovation is a mindset. However, this mindset can be consciously developed and cultivated through the use of specific techniques and tools. These techniques and tools can be learnt, practiced, and perfected and thus the mindset can be honed through deliberate effort and hardwork.
In this 8th and final CIP Session of the Year, Dr. Osama will take the audience through an introductory journey what constitutes innovation and an innovative mindset, and shares hands-on techniques and tools that could be used to develop this mindset. While some of the examples used will be particularly relevant to Civic Activists and Leaders, the session is generally relevant to anyone interested

Facilitator Profile

As Member of the Planning Commission, Dr. Athar Osama is a science and innovation policy adviser to the Government of Pakistan and the founder of Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF). At PIF, Dr. Osama has spearheaded a movement towards the realisation of the importance of innovation within Pakistani society and the corporate sector, in particular and has delivered major innovation programmes for corporates and donoars alike.  PIF also hosts Pakistan Innovation Forum – an annual celebration of Pakistani Innovative Spirit – and gives out Pakistan’s first and only National Innovation Awards.
Dr. Osama is a Fellow of NY based World Technology Network and a Young Global Leader of the WEF. He holds a PhD in public policy from the Pardee RAND Graduate School in Santa Monica, CA.



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