Community Innovator Programme

The Community Innovators Programme seeks to build and strengthen creativity and innovation skills to diverse set of civic communities across Karachi and will begin, in 2017, by focusing on partners of Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI).

KCIL shall engage KYI’s partner organisations in several half day monthly workshops for part capacity building and part action research to help brainstorm and re-imagine their respective domains and workstreams. The half-day sessions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Knowing your Customer
  • Design Thinking and Research
  • Service Innovation
  • Lean Canvass and Models
  • Projecting an Image
  • Scaling Civic Solutions

The Community Innovators Programme, we believe, shall enable not just capacity-building but also collaborations and networks that will lead to the formation of innovation communities that will create a new generation of civic and social innovators.