Civic Innovation Internship

Deadline to Apply for fellowship: 21st May, 2017
EIGHT PAID CIVIC INNOVATION UNIVERSITY INTERNSHIPS shall be available for a maximum duration of 14 weeks (min: 10 weeks) during the summer vacation. The University Interns shall be offered a stipend of PKR 15,000 per month for the duration. During the course of the internship period, the interns shall be required to be physically present at KCIL at least 2 days a week and help organize events and other activities, as and when needed.

Karachi Civic Innovation Lab shall offer Internship opportunities to University students to work with Karachi Civic Innovation Lab to earn summer experience credit while being engaged in a meaningful and impactful project in support of the City. In terms of civic innovation and problem solving, a fellow can work on an idea to identify and report emerging and existing civic problems, conceptualize novel solutions to well-defined problems in public services, design and/or develop implementable solutions to well-defined civic problems and or play the role of a change agent and directly support the widespread adoption of civic innovations and solutions.In addition to developing and building upon their own ideas, the interns shall work with other KCIL projects and help organize events and programmes. They shall also have an opportunity to gain useful knowledge and personal development through participation in talks, mentoring exercises, hackathons, and other activities. They shall be part of one of the three KCIL teams, namely, Karachi Data Repository; Research and Publications; or Events and Programmes.

KCIL Civic Innovation Internship is a great opportunity for University students to gain high-quality and meaningful summer work experience and earning internship credit for their efforts while at the same time doing good for the City. Each intern shall be expected to write a report or a paper on a mutually agreed upon topic/project or one outlining their learning experiences at the Lab. The Internship certificate shall be given upon the final completion of deliverable assigned to each intern.

Applications for KCIL Civic Innovation Internships will open on May 10th, 2017. Internships shall commence from June – August 2017.