Civic Innovation Fellows

Civic Innovation Fellowships at the Karachi Civic Innovation Lab is an outlet for motivated recent graduates (Civic Innovation Fellows) and undergraduate students (University Fellows) to work on a civic problem in Karachi. It targets individuals who have a passion for the city and a skill-set that can deliver a viable project within 3-4 months over the summer or immediately after graduation.Interested individuals must respond to an open call for ideas in May 2017 by proposing new ideas and a work plan of how to deliver it. The ideas can be varied but must have a clear civic angle to it. These may include, but are not limited to, identifying and reporting emerging and existing civic problems, conceptualizing novel solutions to well-defined problems in public services, designing and/or developing implementable solutions to well-defined civic problems, empowering civic change agents, and directly supporting the widespread adoption of civic innovations and solutions.

The fellowship is a paid opportunity that provides training and mentoring to further nurture a fellow’s intellectual assets and challenge him/her to deliver a real solution to a real problem. Each fellow shall receive a signed certificate and a letter detailing his/her achievement during the fellowship period.

An ideal candidate for the fellowship will be one who must:

  • be Karachi-based
  • be working on an idea that tackles a specific social/civic challenge in Karachi,
  • produce a credible work plan with a specific begin and end date,
  • be willing to learn and be challenged along the way with peers and mentors,
  • have Has a passion for and expertise in the subject matter they are working on,
  • be a recent graduate (Civic Innovation Fellow) or currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate programme (University Fellow) in Pakistan or abroad, and
  • be able and willing to commit to 3-4 months of full-time (40 hours per week) work.

A fellow will get the following support from KCIL:


A Civic innovation fellow may come up with an idea to deal with one or more of these civic problems:

  • Utilities – Gas and Electricity
  • Encouraging Renewable Energy
  • Street Crimes
  • Transport and Environment
  • Garbage and sewerage Problem
  • Corruption
  • Living Condition of slums and low income areas
  • Healthcare and Disease Control
  • Unemployment
  • Low Education Standards