Civic Hackathon: Ideating to Address Growing Extremism at Universities

22nd & 23rd December, Habib University – The Playground 

The third KCIL Civic Hackathon shall focus on ideating problems and solutions to curb the growing extremism and radicalism at the academic institutions of Karachi. This is a critical yet sensitive subject and, therefore, must be handled with great sensitivity. The primary aim of the Hackathon is to bring together a carefully selected group of people from amongst key stakeholders – including HEC, University Administrations, Staff Associations, Law and Order Agencies, Civic Organisations, and Student Bodies – to establish the basic parameters of this conversation aimed at identifying the grassroots causes of growing extremism on University Campuses. The group shall also use
ideation methodologies and hackathon approach to devise innovative and out-of-the box ideas for curbing and arresting this growing menace on the campuses.

KCIL shall work with HEC and law enforcement agencies such as Sindh Police and its Counter Terrorism Department as well as public and private universities to jumpstart this important conversation and move it from the realm of analysis to the realm of solutions.

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