About Karachi Civic Innovation Lab

Karachi Civic Innovation Lab (KCIL) shall be a permanent home for creative thinkers and planners, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs, as well as civic leaders and activists to dream of and conceive, create, and execute innovative solutions to address Karachi’s problems and challenges. Unlike the rather restrictive view of Civic Innovation Lab used world wide, the Karachi Civic Innovation Lab shall be an inclusive space not just limited to ICT based solutions and not restricted to solving problems at the intersection of government and citizens. Instead, the Civic in KCIL refers to the ‘City’ and its problems, and the Innovation deals with the new ways of looking at these to find out of the box solutions.

Karachi Civic Innovation Lab builds upon two years of experience of running an Innovation Challenge and Hackathon as well as an Accelerator focused on solving Karachi’s problems. It seeks to take the learning from this and institutionalize it such that innovation can become a way for a diverse group of Karachi’s stakeholders – not just the challenge participants – and can be pursued relentlessly all the time rather than in a haphazard manner for a limited period of time.

Data & Research

Karachi Civic Innovation Lab (KCIL) is pursuing extensive research to build the city’s first civic data repository. As we collect and defragment data to gain insights through government reports, UN fact sheets, and academic research, we are launching KCIL’s Infographic Series. The series aims to define in numbers, the different aspects of the City of Lights that can help citizens and innovators to know about their city.

If you are a researcher or a common citizen who find these numbers surprising or someone who can provide us with better insights and recently updated data, let’s start a conversation at asra.rizwan@pif.org.pk

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